Christine Seebold 
Intuitive Medium - Author  - Teacher
It takes an entire team to take on a project like this! 
My name is Christine Seebold and it is my pleasure to introduce you to my  newest deck of oracle cards called, "Oracle of the Nile".  This Oracle deck is based on Egypt but you will  see that we have thrown some modern day images into the deck. When developing the deck I wanted the photos to be self explanatory so that the user did not have to spend most of their time looking through the book for card explanations. 

This deck is a ittle different because with this deck you will receive a 1 hour live class with me truly on how to use the deck. The classes are online group classes where you will be able to ask questions and get feedback from other users. hope you enjoy this deck and I look forward to seeing you in the online class.
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LeeAnne Gibney


LeeAnne was born and raised in Portland. LeeAnne displayed a passion for art early on in life and took her first art class at the age of seven. She further explored her creativity in high school while working as an advertising manager for the school newspaper, acting in multiple theatre productions and visually improving the comunity as the Art Club president. After graduating, she attended Pacific Northwest College of Fine Art, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Majoring in illustration. LeeAnne's focus was primarily on creating art for children's books and in various galleries in Portland. LeeAnne's works are published by Pomegranate Kids, Mehta Publishing and Literary Press, where she has created coloring books, cards and other stationary. www.leeanegibneyillustration.com

LeeAnne is a wonderful illustrator. Within 30 days LeeAnne had ALL of my designs done and ready to be sent off to press. I have never seen anyone work this fast. 

Tracy Blom


Tracy Blom grew up in Cincinnati Ohio, and currently resides in New Port Richey, Florida. In 2017 she was published by Mehta Publishers, releasing two 'Choose Your Own Adventure' stories featuring a fairy named Adeline. These magical stories allow the child to choose whether or not to make new friends, use teamwork to help others, save the town, and many more important lessons. She has released a coloring storybook and several other stories geared towards teaching positive lessons. 

Aside from some of her lighthearted children's books she also took a year of her life to explore her spirituality which resulted in the publication of her first novel, 'Knocking on Heaven's Doors: my spiritual journey through dreams and denominations, which was published in October 2014. This novel details her exploration to find a religion after losing her mother to cancer. Over the course of a year she documented her spiritual journey and self transformation, as she explored a new denomination every weekend in search of God. 

To read more about her and her writing visit her website! Theblomdotcom.com or visit her spiritual blog: https://firetolight.wordpress.com

If you are looking for a writer I give Tracy the highest recommendation! Tracy works quickly and takes pride in her work.  Tracy is a very positive person and she works well as part of a team. 

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